How are we different to other Financial Advisors?

Our approach is unique. We know of no other Financial Advisors capable of competing with us either on service or price. After all, as your Accountant we would hope to meet you at least once a year in connection with either your Accounts or Tax Returns and, as we also know you, your business and your tax position, we are better placed than most to talk to you regularly about your investments, pensions and other financial planning arrangements, hence our decision to set up a dedicated “In House” financial planning service.

Unlike traditional IFAs:

  • Unless we can clearly demonstrate to you how our Services can improve the returns on your investments by lowering both the taxation and the management charges payable, you will not be charged.
  • None of the funds or investment contracts we use pays a commission.
  • Should a commission ever be generated from your investments, unless otherwise agreed, it will automatically be refunded to you in full.
  • As none of our advisors work on a bonus system we are happy to offer our services on a Fixed Fee basis, thus, as there are no hidden charges, you will know exactly how much, and just what you are paying for.

A New Way

The Financial Services industry has been transformed recently through increasingly competitive forces from outside the UK resulting in people now having access to a far more flexible, cost effective and convenient way of managing their money.

We have embraced all of the recent changes in 3 fundamental ways:

  • A Wealth Management Platform
  • Client Agreed Remuneration
  • Use of Passive Fund Management.

Unfortunately too few people are getting the message as the changes brought about by the management platforms do not benefit the Banks and Insurance Companies, who, with the support of the commission only ‘Independent’ Financial Advisors, have dominated the Financial Services Industry for decades now with expensive and inflexible off the shelf products.

Despite all the FSA’s efforts to clean things up, the commission charges associated with these contracts are still expressed in terms that mask their true cost and you would only discover how expensive they are when you cash them in, at which time it is too late.

New technology means that unlike other private investors, our clients don’t pay for something not worth having – ‘Active’ Fund Management and, just like the Large Employer Pension Schemes who are responsible for managing the £billions, our clients gain access to some of the lowest investment management charges available in the UK.

Contact us

For further information please contact either Robert Williams or Mark Chapman on 0161 477 7400 or 01565 658808. Don’t be a victim to complacency.

Lacy Watson Financial Services Ltd is an Appointed Representative of Halebarns Financial Planning Ltd